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A use experience is enhanced only when the services offered are equally good as the product quality. HP offers best combination for your daily life gadgets. Desktops, laptops and printers are manufactured by HP and used by customers all over the world. Company offers expert help through HP Support Number US that ensures smooth running of your gadgets. HP Printer Service is responsible for managing all HP printer related queries such as poor print outs, cartridge refill or any other technical problem faced while using it.

At HP Customer Service Number a user can seek help for troubles with their desktop too. The team of qualified technicians at HP can solve concerns such as software installation problems, system not working properly or any other issue. They are trained and certified technicians and are focused on offering solution at the earliest.

HP also offers a variety of laptops designed for different users based on their need and work area. HP technicians can also answer any troubles related with HP laptops. Users can approach them through HP Support Number US and ask for a quick fix solution.

The entire team at HP Printers Technical Support Help Number undergoes an extensive training provided by company itself. The motive behind offering this rigorous training is that the executives are able to comprehend all types of problems with ease and are thus able to offer spot-on solution for the same. So, if anytime you happen to have problem with your HP gadget, simply dial their help number.

Support Services: HP will Provide the Support Services

For the qualified products listed in this Agreement (the "Product"). The Service will provide by HP, or on behalf of HP by an authorized HP Customer Support. HP's obligation to provide the Service is subject to prior receipt by HP of all required information concerning the Customer and the Supported product. HP may require the customer to provide proof of purchase of the product and its service.

Coverage: Unless otherwise stipulated in the Service description, the Service will be provided by telephone and, to the extent possible, through remote access or e-mail, and will be available during normal local HP office hours, subject to local variations, except during public holidays.

Activation: The Service will be available to the Customer upon receipt of the Service Reference Number. The Customer shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions and conditions of this Agreement from the first request for Customer's assistance by telephone or e-mail.

Requirements: The Customer must meet all requirements and submit to the responsibilities of the Customer as defined in this Agreement and in the Service Description.

(A) The products must comply with the current specified revision levels, used according to the rates published and, in the reasonable opinion of HP, be in good operation. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by HP and, as the case may be, only within the limits of one reasonable effort, the HP Customer Support will not be provided for the Product beyond the End of Support Date or non-HP software applications and / or drivers that are no longer by the third-party software vendor, whichever is earlier.

In addition, the following requirements must be met and the following provisions shall apply as a condition of the provision of the Service by HP:

(B) HP provides the Service only for the current version and the immediately earlier version (or the specified versions) of the HP and non-HP Software Product for which the Customer has one or more licenses, and only if the Software Product is used with the hardware included in the HP or non-HP configurations specified by the vendor.

(C) HP may, at no additional charge, modify the Product to improve its operation, Compatibility, and reliability, or to meet legal requirements.

(D) Unless otherwise specified in the Service Description, HP Customer Service Number does not support the non-HP products and their components. However, the Service may also be provided, under limited circumstances and at the sole discretion and decision of HP, for a problem related to a combination of HP products and non-HP products and/or software.

Client Responsibilities:

(A) Customer shall notify HP immediately of any change in the information provided within the framework of the Contract.

(B) The Customer will make every reasonable effort to cooperate with HP regarding resolution Remote problems, execution of self-test or diagnostic programs, provision of all necessary information and execution of basic restoration operations on demand HP.

(C) All telecommunications costs associated with the provision of the Service by telephone and remote shall be borne by the Customer.

(D) The Customer is responsible for the compatibility with the Product of the products, accessories, and devices are not supported.

(E) The Customer is responsible for the security of its own confidential and personal information and the maintenance of a procedure external to the material products for the restoration of any data, program or file lost or corrupted.

(E) The Customer is responsible for the security of its own confidential and personal information and the maintenance of a procedure external to the material products for the restoration of any data, program or file lost or corrupted.

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