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Windows 7, an operating system by Microsoft, is a part of Windows NT. It was released in June 22, 2009 and it became available to the general public on 2nd October, 2009. Windows 7 succeeded Windows Vista. It is built on Windows vista kernel. Research shows that businesses and corporations who wish to upgrade their operating systems pick Windows 7 over Windows 8. This choice is obvious because of the features of Windows 7. Windows 7 has a lot of perks, it is secure, stable, easy to use, and it is compatible with an array of applications. Windows 7 is extremely popular amongst people across the world because of its enhanced performance, live thumbnails, improved backup, pinned icons, etc.

Even though the successor to the highly condemned Windows Vista has been replaced since a long time, it is still eons away from retirement. Not long after Windows Vista was replaced, it was reported that more than 240 million licenses of Windows 7 were sold within the first year. At that point of time, Windows 7 was the fastest selling operating system in global history. Considering the efficiency and advanced features of Windows 7, this is hardly surprising. Moreover, the Windows 7 support is highly secure and it provides 100% error resolution.

Reasons to choose Windows 7

  1. A Better Interface: The Aero Shake was introduced for the first time with Windows 7. It is a way for minimizing all the open Windows on the desktop, save from one window. Aero Shake feature made the user interface a lot better. It is very easy to use. The user has to grab the window which it wants to remain visible and click on the title bar. Now the user has to shake the mouse back and forth quickly. All the other Windows which were open will minimize to the taskbar automatically.
  2. The Taskbar: The Taskbar in Windows 7 was a change from the classic Windows interface element which made it so popular. The Windows 7 operating system is much more usable because of the taskbar features. The users can pin items to the taskbar. Therefore it makes it convenient and easier to get to the programs which are used often by the user. Another excellent feature is the jump list. By right-clicking on the taskbar, the user can swiftly go to recent files and important parts of the program.
  3. Themes: Even though themes were included in Windows Vista, the themes in Windows 7 were way better. Themes are packages of desktop sounds, wallpaper, icons, and background which customize the user experience. The desktop look of Windows 7 is quite different from that of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Windows 7 themes feature lets the users be themselves by giving them tools for personalization.
  4. Windows Search: Search feature in Windows 7 is incredibly fast, improved, and advanced. Just go to start and key in a search term and you will get a list of search results in no time. Moreover, the search results are categorized into groups such as Music, Programs, and documents. Therefore, finding and locating files becomes efficient.

Windows 7 Support Includes

The experts of the Windows 7 support team give 24/7 support for all issues and errors regarding Windows 7. Here are the common errors for which Windows 7 support is given:

  • Inability to install any specific software after installing Windows 7 on the computer.
  • Windows 7 DVD drive not found error.
  • Windows 7 aero not running error.
  • Windows 7 snap irritations.
  • iPhone will not sync in Windows 7 error
  • Windows 7 desktop themes changing the custom icons error.
  • Windows 7 taskbar errors.
  • Missing explorer folders in Windows 7
  • Missing applets in Windows 7
  • Too many minidump files in Windows 7
  • Hidden extensions.
  • Windows 7 DVD audio error.
  • Windows Live MovieMaker won’t import network files by default error.
  • XP mode not working error.
  • Missing crash dump files from Windows 7 error.
  • Unable to disable hibernation in Windows 7 error.
  • Poor video quality in Windows 7 error.
  • Windows 7 missing software explorer error.
  • Unable to update Windows 7 error.
  • Blurry or fuzzy text in Windows 7 error.
  • Windows 7 product activation key errors.
  • Windows 7 error code 0xc00000e9
  • 24/7 assistance for all issues pertaining to Windows 7.
  • 100% error resolution.

Windows 7 Support Phone Number

Since the Windows 7 operating system is technical, it is prone to glitches and errors. Many users do not have the technical knowledge to troubleshoot the technical errors on their own. Hence, they get stuck and it affects their work productivity. The Windows 7 customer support provides all kinds of troubleshooting solutions for Windows 7 related errors. Windows 7 customer service provides user-friendly support to their highly-regarded users. For quick guidance and support, the users can instantly call on the Windows 7 support toll-free number and get solutions for all of their complex concerns and issues.

If you encounter any issue or difficulty during the installation of Windows 7, then pick up your phone and dial the Windows 7 support phone number. A tech expert will provide you the most efficient and best solution for the issue. The customer service is available 24/7 for assistance. The Windows 7 customer care has a first call resolution thus you won’t have to wait for moments before your call is connected to a support technician.

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