Easy Tips to Maintain an Office Printer

The printers play an essential role in running any office or even home-based businesses.  If you pay little attention to them, they may serve you many additional years than expected. Just like any other equipment, your printing devices especially the ones used for business purposes need maintenance as well as timely upgradation. It increases the efficiency and life of your device keeping them fit, especially when you are in a hurry and of course saving you bucks. Here are a few handy tips to keep your printer in the best shape.

Easy Tips to Maintain an Office Printer
  • Regular Cleaning

The simplest and most effective method to maintain your printer is periodic cleaning. Make sure to unplug the device and use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe down any built-up dust or debris.

  • Printer head and internal cleaning

Regular cleaning of printer heads is necessary to avoid getting strained printouts and white lines. While cleaning the internal parts of the machine be extra cautious, In fact, it would be better to use a qualified technician for the job, as there is a chance of losing your warranty by disassembling the machine by yourself.

  •  Refer instructions guide

That booklet which comes with your printer has almost all the answers about how to go about in times of error. Spare some time and give a quick read, refer to it when trying to resolve mechanical errors. It would serve two purposes –

1. Lessen the time in figuring out the solution

2. There would be fewer chances of making mistakes and causing further damage.

  • Redistribute the ink

Before putting a new ink cartridge or toner in the printer, carefully rock from side to side. This way you would be ensured the ink is distributed evenly across the page causing less damage to the cartridge. To check, print a blank page from time to time.

  • Use Genuine products

Never fall prey to inefficient and unwarranted consumables because they are cheap. Only use genuine products from a trustworthy brand.

  • Buy a good maintenance kit

This extra investment will bring more savings later. These kits provide a range of cleaning supplies and replaceable parts like rollers etc. this kit is a must have to remain prepared for damage control and regular maintenance.

  • Update to the latest software and drivers

Its importance is generally undermined but updating your printers and installing latest drivers would reduce their abnormal behavior and increase efficiency.

  • Use your printer regularly and turn off when not in use

It holds true for not just printers but any device. In case of printers, if not routinely used the ink cartridge dries up. Those who do not need printing regularly may opt for Laser printers to avoid this problem.

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