Best Tips for Email Management

Is your email disorganized and mismanaged? Here are some strategies and tips to help you manage your email better.

Best Tips for Email Management

1. Set a slot for processing the emails

While people check their inbox multiple times throughout the day, just to remain informed, they fail to set a slot for mail processing. Rather than replying to emails as and when they appear, just set a time lot, and reply to all the new emails at a certain time. This way, you will save a lot of time, and your inbox will not get cluttered.

2. Act immediately

Do not procrastinate when it comes to emails. Whenever you notice that any spam or promotional email has seeped in your inbox, report it right away, before blocking the sender altogether. Also, if you get any email that does not need a reply, just move it to trash or archive.

3. Add labels and folders

While most of the emails can be trashed, one may want to save important emails related to work, etc. You can create labels and folders to sort out the mails and make your inbox less cluttered. This way, you will be able to locate emails quite easily too.

4. Unsubscribe unwanted promotional emails

We all receive at least a dozen promotional emails every day, ranging from shopping, employment, and other offers. Because of these unnecessary emails, users may at times ignore important emails. To get rid of this problem, just unsubscribe from all email newsletters.

5. Cut it short

When replying to emails, be brief and succinct. Do not waste time typing unnecessary words and phrases. Make sure that the email addresses all the important stuff, and you can skip all that is unimportant. Just ditch the sign-off. You do not have to end the email with stuff like Warm regards or Best wishes, when you are done with the message, just end it.

6. Create an address book for social networking

To expand your networking, it is better to construct a contact book wherein you can add your colleagues, clients, old clients, friends, family, old acquaintances, and potential clients.

7. Add Filters

Adding a filter to some kinds of emails will help you in keeping your inbox organized. You can filter some emails that are not too important to go to specified folders, rather than coming right to the inbox. For instance, you can a filter for emails concerning auto-pay confirmations, newsletters, and updates.

8. Delete old emails

Does your inbox contain thousands of unread emails, with many of them dating to a decade ago? Well, just sort your email by date (from oldest to newest), and delete all the old emails that are just cluttering your inbox.

9. Merge multiple email accounts

Do you have different emails for your personal and professional work? Well, it is better to combine them, if you find switching between both of them time-consuming and tiresome. This way, you will be able to access all of your emails from a single place.

10. Use Rules

Many email services allow users to create Rules for sorting emails into specific folders as and when they get received. You can create a rule in your email client that shifts all the emails that read “Project Update” in the subject directly to the “Project Data” folder when they get received.

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