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Windows have been around in one form or the other for more than three decades. It has launched nine key versions since its initial release in the year 1985.  Over the span of three decades, Windows appears a lot different from what it was initially, however, some of its elements have survived the test of time. With Windows 10, a shift from keyboard and mouse input to touch screen input was seen. Windows 10 representing U-turn of Microsoft which went back in time regarding the visual interface. In spite of the fact that Windows 10 is the ninth window version, it has been designed for unifying all the Windows platforms across several devices such as tablets and Windows phone. The universal applications can be downloaded from the Windows store and they run on all of the Windows devices.

Windows 10, developed by Microsoft, is an operating system for personal computers. It was not only developed but also released by Microsoft as a part of the Windows NT operating systems family. It was released on July 15, 2015 and made available to general public on 29th July, 2015.  Windows 10 is the most recent and latest update of all of the Windows OS editions. It is also one of the most critically acclaimed operating systems across the globe. Windows 10 introduced universal apps. Windows 10 brought back the popular start menu which was missing in Windows 8. Windows 10 was definitely a big improvement over its predecessor Windows 8. For instance, the Windows personal assistant Cortana got a major upgrade in Windows 10. These upgrades included but were not limited to, new commands and ability to ask queries regarding flight information, meetings, appointments etc without having to log in. The user can talk to the AI straight from the lock screen of the device.

Reasons for choosing Windows 10

  1. Virtual Desktops: Windows 10 has finally brought in virtual desktops for its operating system. Therefore, it provides the user separate spaces to arrange their work and program Windows. IF the user clicks on the Task view button which is located on the right side of the search box in the system taskbar, all the open Windows will bring up and the virtual desktops will go underneath. The user can create a new space by clicking on new desktop. The taskbar in Windows 10 changes in order to show the applications which you have opened on the desktop. The pinned application shortcuts stay on the taskbar in the same way across all of the desktops.
  2. Video and media streaming: Windows 10 has an in-built video and music streaming protocol. This is in the form of Digital Living Network Alliance. It is very easy to enable Media streaming.
  3. Task Scheduler: Windows 10 makes it easy to schedule tasks. You can schedule tasks to shut down the system at a particular time, or run any system maintenance application on a regular schedule, etc.
  4. Malware Removal: With Windows 10, you do not have to spend money in buying antivirus software. Windows Defender has an in-built Microsoft Security Essentials which is a remarkable malware protection tool. The Windows Defender does a good job in keeping all the malicious software away from your system.

Windows 10 support Includes

The technical experts of the Windows 10 support have all the relevant knowledge and tools to fix any problems related to Windows 10. Here is a list of common errors which are fixed by Windows 10 support staff:

  • Windows 10 error code 0xc00000e9
  • Windows 10 error 0xc00000f
  • Windows 10 unable to install error
  • Inability to upgrade Windows 7 or 8 versions to Windows 10
  • Error in activation of Windows 10
  • Windows 10 blue screen of death error
  • Windows 10 mail does not sync error
  • Driver download or installation error for Windows 10
  • Windows 10 update error
  • Windows 10 compatibility errors
  • Windows 10 error code 0xc004f074
  • Windows 10 network connectivity errors
  • Unable to install any speicifc software after the installation of Windows 10
  • Windows 10 error code 0x80072ee7
  • Windows 10 activation key and/or product key errors
  • Windows 10 error code 0x803f7001
  • Inability to open Windows 10 store


Here are the features of Windows 10 customer support:

  • Guaranteed error resolution.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 support for all technical errors.
  • Step by step guidance.
  • User friendly support.
  • First call resolution.
  • Toll-free customer support number.
  • Remote assistance for advanced technical errors.
  • Trained and certified technicians.
  • Instant and reliable solutions.

Windows 10 Support Phone Number

If you are facing any error while using Windows 10 on your system, you should contact the Windows 1o support by calling on their toll-free number. The Windows 10 support phone number is toll-free and the lines remain open throughout the day. The Windows 10 customer care is extremely professional and it provides best and instant solutions to all the problems, queries, and doubts pertaining to Windows 10. When you call the customer care number, a technical expert will listen to your problem. The certified tech expert will then diagnose the issue and provide step by step measures to fix it. For more advanced and complex issues, remote assistance is also provided. The remote assistance feature is very secure and you can monitor the entire process from your screen.

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